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Between League Qualifiers and Super-Qualifiers, we were very busy with making changes to our robot and its mechanical subsystems but still maintained an organized, detailed notebook. As we progressed through the weeks, we ensured that our engineering notebook was kept organized and updated, with thorough documentation of our team activities. As a result, our team won the Inspire Award again at the Super-Qualifier Tournament.


After a successful League Qualifying Tournament, we competed at the Oregon Super-Qualifier Tournament in Hillsboro, Oregon. During the two weeks that had elapsed since the LQT, we had put in hours of work to implement our new relic claw, the effects of which were reflected in our scores – Overcharged had the top two scores of the tournament (475 and 385). We were undefeated in the Qualifying Matches and cinched 1st place once again, choosing teams 7750 Mechanical Maniacs and 9970 Stellar Pixels as our Alliance Partners. With this alliance, we played up to the Finals and secured the Finalist Alliance Captain title.