Winning the Inspire Award at the State Championship took hundreds of hours of dedication and thought, whether it was for our robot or an upcoming outreach. Our team spent a tremendous amount of time organizing impactful outreaches, designing efficient mechanical and software systems, creating detailed business plans, and extensively documenting our engineering processes. By the time we competed at State, we had a solid engineering notebook and numerous talking points to expound upon during judging presentations and interviews. As a rookie team, being honored with the State Inspire Award was a huge step forward in our team’s path in the FTC and greater FIRST community.


In the time we had between Super-Qualifiers and the State Tournament (approximately two weeks), we spent much of our time ensuring the consistency and stable functionality of our robot. Our efforts paid off at States when we went undefeated in the Qualifying Rounds yet again and attained 553 points in one match, the top score from the state of Oregon. During the elimination matches, we and our alliance partners 8045 Gromit’s Grommets and 8720 Insert Name Here fought to the Finals, and Overcharged obtained the State Finalist Alliance Captain title.

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