2022-2023 Power Play

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Oregon States 1st Place Inspire

Oregon States 1st Ranked Robot

Edison Division 3rd place Inspire Award

MTI Alliance Winner

Edison Division Semi-Finalist

Deans List Finalist Fiona Wang


Starting with research projects over the summer, our team began looking into the different options and applications of turrets and slides for FTC robots. Early on our team wanted to use a lazy susan with a custom 3D printed base to give us flexible application as well as full control over how the base interacts with any components attached to the turret.

 During our research into slide designs and applications, our team was able to meet with Erik Ma, the CEO of bwtLink as well as an FTC veteran himself. Erik Ma talked about how he designed his own slides, and due to their lightweight nature was well as the compactness of his slides, we decided to implement them into our design.

After creating a mockup of these systems on a full 18×18 in Mecanum drive, the game for this season was announced, and our team decided to use a claw on the slides, mounted onto our custom turret base, while putting all of these components on a combat 11x16in drive train instead of the full 18x18in.

As we iterated upon the designs of our claw, custom turret base and auto-aligner, we arrived at Stork, our final robot design for this season. As the game progresses however, we continue to test new ideas and work to better our designs in any way we can.

Robot Reveal

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Underrepresented Communities: Promoted STEM and FIRST to 1.3K girls and under-served students at events such as STEM Like a Girl.

Connect Community and Industry: By hosting STEM with Overcharged and bringing students on company tours, we connected 350 community members with industry experts.

Connect with FIRST: Hosted 4 league meets, volunteered at 6 additional FIRST events, mentored 3 FLL teams, and mentored/connected with 38 FTC teams around the world.

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