2018-19 Rover Ruckus


Worlds 2nd Ranked Alliance Captain

Worlds Finalist Alliance Award

Worlds Promote Award Winner 

Worlds Connect Award nomination

Compass Award Winner

West Super Regionals Cascade Finalist Alliance Captain

West Super Regionals Innovate Award 3rd place

Oregon State Championships Inspire Award

Oregon State Championship Finalist Alliance Captain


This was the initial design Overcharged had in mind when entering the season. An idea conceived during Robot in 30 Hours led to a final robot that scores high and plays strong.

Sporting the same diagonal intake concept as last time, we’ve doubled the length of extension while also optimizing our intake with a passive 0-second transition system for the fastest cycle times.

From there, our CAM Popper launches the minerals through our transparent popper chute and to the dumper, which automatically sorts the silver to the silver side and the gold to the gold side.

With our 42lb robot, we used our weight to our advantage with our defensive strategy. We utilized the swerve drive’s strafing capabilities to push other robots aside while we collect on the far side of the crater, which we score extremely optimized on. Not only do we score high, but we reduce the score of our opponents. It’s the Overcharged way.

Robot Reveal

Houston Promote Award


Started off as a prototype intake module ended up being a fully fledged robot. Staying up till 3 AM the night before our League 2, we noticed it was essential to add scoring capabilities in order to be somewhat competitive within our league.

We put together a quick robot that sported the intake style we would use for our popper robot. Surprisingly enough, everything worked! Insight v0 had a high score of 300 points in a match, being the highest score in all of Oregon. Below, you can watch all our videos on Insight v0.

This robot sports the signature swerve drive that has been modified for this challenge – more about it here. It uses a diagonal slide system that has a pivot on the top back edge, which allows it to rotate upon contact with the floor. This allows us to go over the crater without the use of a servo to lift up the intake, which many traditional intakes use. Our intake has inspired teams in our league, which is among one of the most successful systems there.We score using a two-bar mechanism with a pivot on the back. It allows us to score both blocks and balls from the crater side. Finally, we have a passive hanging system that allows for an easy latch and unlatch.

Robot Reveal

Insight v0 300 Point Match

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