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Our Mission

        As beneficiaries of STEM education, we firmly believe that it can empower students of all ages and backgrounds to develop essential technical & problem-solving skills, bridge the gap in educational and career opportunities, and give them the confidence to tackle real-world issues.

        By sharing our experiences with students throughout Oregon and showcasing the incredible possibilities within STEM, our goal is to inspire them to engage in STEM courses within their school curriculum or explore additional programs beyond the classroom.


Join us on our mission, to Spark the Interest of STEM across Oregon!

Our Goal

Our mission is to visit 10 schools in the Portland Metro area. After we reach this goal, we will expand to visit schools all across Oregon!

Schools Visited

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What We Are Offering

We're working with the Portland Metro STEM Hub to bring these interactive sessions to schools near you!

A presentation containing personal experiences in approaching STEM

A walk-through & demonstration of our world-ranking robot

An engineering/computer science challenge to encourage creative experiences

Access to resources for students to explore on their own

Learn about the new CS Implementation Plan, and what it has in store for your students! 

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What is the Computer Science Implementation Plan?

        Overcharged Robotics is advocating for the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) and the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) Computer Science Implementation Plan. 

        This statewide implementation plan for computer science education is to ensure access to comprehensive computer science education opportunities to every public school student in Oregon by the 2027-2028 school year.

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